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GO Watches:  Where Young Girls Go for Glamor

Go Girl Only WatchesFrench watchmaker SMB was one of the first companies to realize that young girls were a market that wasn’t being effectively served by the watch industry. To address the fashion needs of these girls, the company developed a brand new concept: a line of romantic and very affordable watches that were positioned as a fashion accessory rather than as timepieces.

Their new GO “Girl Only” brand features over 200 different fashion forward designs that are specifically for young women. These soft and harmonious shapes are priced for on-the-spot purchase and reflect the optimism and gentle fantasy that girls are looking for.

Buy GO WatchesThe Besançon France based SMB already had a reputation for developing successful specialty brands, and their new “girl only” GO brand, with its unique charm and originality, was an instant hit. GO watches are already available at over 1,000 points of sale in France, and have completely conquered the German market. SMB has introduced the brand in the Netherlands and the Middle East, and the girls-only watches are quickly developing a following worldwide.

What makes the brand unique are the playful designs that address the desires of younger women. The popular GO Breloque Collection features a beautiful drop shaped case that hangs from a charm bracelet. The oval Breloque dial is available in a wide variety of colors and new charms can be added to the bracelet at any time.

The fashion forward “Multi-Brins” Collection takes advantage of current trends with trendy colored leather strips holding a beautiful oval shaped case. The colorful wide band, constructed of many thin leather strips makes a dramatic statement on any young wrist.

The GO Rectangle Métal Collection turns the entire watch into a fashion bracelet with wide metal links that match the stylish rectangular dial. Like all GO timepieces, the watch is available in a wide variety of soft colors and carries a two-year warranty.

Buy GO WatchesGO watches are all about the moment and SMB is continually introducing new collections that recognize the latest fashion trends. If you’re looking for a watch for “girl only,” GO watches are made specifically for you. To acquire one of these delightfully girly timepieces for yourself, contact an authorized GO dealer today.

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