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Curate Materials and Standardize Workflows

Manage materials, organize, update, and more in Fohlio.

Built for All Teams

Fohlio is where cross-functional team collaboration happens.

Organize Materials According to Any Attribute

  • Label products with as many attributes as you need or want.
  • Sort or filter items by multiple attributes.
  • Create custom search criteria.
  • Set up standard workflows to efficiently organize products.
  • Standardize product attributes.
Materials Librarian

Digitize Materials Libraries

  • Catalog bulky physical samples in a custom library.
  • Keep materials library up to date more easily.
  • Track sample orders.
  • Match physical samples to digital library.

Build Custom Catalogs of Proven Materials and Vendors

  • Keep preferred materials and suppliers front and center.
  • Track product performance for future specification.
  • Keep track of maximum credit and minimum orders for each vendor.
All product view

Enforce Design Standards

  • Manage, publish, and share multiple brand standards.
  • Create brand-approved product lists.
  • Build material catalogs for different projects.
  • Set up room templates.
  • Ensure consistent brand experiences between locations.
Spec writing

Highlight Innovative and Sustainable Products

  • Recommend sustainable overlooked materials that can fulfill a project’s needs.
  • Source and recommend new, innovative alternatives.
Brand approved x Sustainability

Keep Materials Updated

  • Mark products as discontinued.
  • Update pricing and any other changes.
  • Track performance and best practices across projects.
Product Stock