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Raise the Standards for Student Wellness

Specify and procure with students’ well-being in mind. Fohlio takes care of the rest.

Built for All Teams

Fohlio is where cross-functional team collaboration happens.

Build a Custom Catalog of Proven Materials

  • Filter products for fire safety, sturdiness, soundproofing, and more.
  • Assign specific materials to common areas, bedrooms, or student centers.

Enforce Design Standards Anywhere

  • Ensure the same quality of materials between campuses.
  • Integrate brand guidelines into student living.
  • Allow design localization for different campuses.

Lower New Housing Construction Costs

  • Build new housing faster with preselected materials.
  • Recreate standard rooms between campuses.
  • Negotiate bigger discounts with volume data.
  • Budget accurately to prevent delays.
  • Compare purchasing performance between campuses to set best practices.

Encourage Continuous Quality Control

  • Track materials’ performance over time for future specification.
  • Share performance data with vendors for relationship/pricing management.

Collaborate Better

  • Get early buy-in from facility managers.
  • Enable efficient value-engineering with vendors.
  • Manage approvals in one place.

Lower Maintenance and OS&E Costs

  • Shorten maintenance response times.
  • Keep warranty information at your fingertips.
  • Simplify reordering supplies and other stocks.